acibadem hospital

acibadem Health Care Hospital in Turkey, with its comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services, modern medical technology and internationally recognized medical quality standards, comprises 18 hospitals.
A world full of services and 13 external clinics ..
Agipadam is an important center for complex treatments requiring expertise (seven cancer centers: surgery, radiation therapy / radiation surgery / chemotherapy).
5 robotic surgery centers, 8 nuclear medicine centers, 4 spinal column centers, joints and a sports medicine center. 9 artificial insemination centers. 12 heart treatment centers (children and adults).
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Health services at home, in the office, on roads, in remote industrial sites and emergency medical services, preparation of projects for hospitals in Turkey and abroad, providing health insurance and life insurance.
Agipadam Hospital in its administrative schools and Faculty of Medicine and Nursing is dedicated to enriching the medical sector and educating future generations of health care workers. AGIPADEM laboratories offer the widest range of accessible, comprehensive and high quality services.
A pioneer in the health care system that is or is the opening of a satellite clinic, the first public health institution for public circulation, the first health company to attract international investment the first contact center in the health care sector.

acibadem hospital

Hospital Details

Languages : English, turkish , French

Working Hours

Monday – Friday:8.00 am – 5.00 p.m
Saturday:8.00 am – 3.00 p.m

Number of Procedures Performed

  • The first provider of health care to a foreign institution and a world-class scientific institution, the first accredited FIFA franchise in the region, is the first healthcare provider to share its health results with the public since 2010.
    And the first healthcare provider in the “Top 100 Turkish Companies” Agipadam Hospitals to Improve People’s Quality of Life provides medical services to patients from 45 countries in more than 65 medical units. The Group also provides health care services to clients of more than 60 health insurance companies and help from around the world , Helps with obtaining medical information, organizes hospital bookings, schedules appointments of doctors, facilitates Istanbul transfers for VIPs, arranges accommodation, specialists speak in different languages ​​translators to work with patients, rooms a large area ..
    AGIPADEM has replaced the registration on paper with electronic medical records!
    All physicians have legal and hospital liability insurance, which is approved in accordance with the quality system
    İSO 9001

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