Our hospitals are equipped with an infrastructure based on state-of-the-art technology that has the potential to address all types of heart health-related diseases for all age groups, from premature babies to age groups.
The hospital offers all its services in accordance with international standards. It is an important investment in the health sector in Turkey, being fully based on smart systems and modern technology and equipped with high level infrastructure. The investment made by the University of Medibol at the Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital enables the hospital to become a reference both locally and internationally.

Special Features

All that is related to the heart

A strong academic team equipped with international standards.
All hospitals have the full infrastructure and are equipped in accordance with international standards and have the ability to diagnose and treat heart disease, and protect the health of the heart. All possibilities have been provided to diagnose and treat all types of heart disease, from newborn to elderly and to adults. In this hospital

Specialist Cardiac examination of patients, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and coronary intensive care services.