welcome in IHC

Do you need medical treatments and professional help ? At IHC, we provide you with all the medical services and advanced technologies with a proud distinguished medical staff, staff to accompany you and pick you from the airport.
Our special treatment services for our international patients are mainly based on our contracts with the best hospitals in Turkey, including ACIBADEM and MEDİPOL hospitals that hold a gold quality certificate from the International Medical Association.

Our branches specialize in all fields:
1. Department of General Surgery and Robot-assisted surgery; a robotic surgery performed through accurate holes carried out by a team of academic experts in addition to electronic arms in the surgery of urology, heart surgery, gynecology and general surgery.

2. Department of Cardiology which is distinguished by an academic staff, advanced treatment methods and medical equipments and high success results for all age groups and for all types of heart surgeries such as electrocardiogram, heart pacemakers, cardiac catheterization, coronary angioplasty and open heart operations.

3. Department of tumors and surgery is represented by radiation therapy for tumors, radiation surgery and nuclear medicine near radiation treatment. As for Pediatric Oncology, it’s under the supervision of skilled doctors and nurses.

4. Department of bone marrow transplantation in the cases of leukemia and lymphomas, in addition to solid tumors after high doses of chemotherapy through bone marrow transplant or autologous transplant.

5. Department of organ transplant liver, kidney and pancreas of a high quality services with high rates of success for adults, children and newborns.

6. Infertility Department, an excellence in the treatment of infertility with a high-quality enrichment centers.

7. Physical therapy and walking therapy with the help of robot through artificial arms and a very sophisticated equipment in gardens of a large space dedicated to patients. They will be guided by a person who speaks their mother tongue.

Our company offers its services to patients before and after treatment.
* A team dedicated to receiving satisfactory reports and giving patients an idea of ​​treatment, diagnosis and costs.
* A specialized team to receive from and to the airport.
* A specialized medical team for patients in the hospital until the end of their treatment period.
* Travel, accommodation and booking hotels at competitive prices in addition to the issuance of special visa in patients.
* Hotel suites equipped with excellent apartments for comfortable accommodation.
* In our mentioned hospitals, we have special areas for helicopter landing to receive patients.
This is a general basic idea about our company and we are honored to be at your service!